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Making complex data beautifully simple.

SquaredUp helps the world’s largest enterprises transform the visibility of their complex digital services.

"We are drowning in information, but we are starved for knowledge".

John Naisbitt, Megatrends

You have all the data you need - making sense of it all, is the challenge.

We think it's time for a new approach.

Data is your most valuable asset. But only when it is organized into a picture does it become knowledge for action. Nowhere is this knowledge needed more than today’s complex digital services, built across a range of infrastructures, cloud platforms, and tech stacks. In a world where every business is becoming a digital-first business, teams struggle to stay in control while change is happening all around.​

Back in 2011, we identified the need for better data visualization of enterprise IT data to help manage large-scale systems. For ten years, SquaredUp’s mission has been to make complex data simple – to find, understand, and share. Our first products were designed for Microsoft’s System Center and Azure monitoring solutions, and we’ve already transformed IT monitoring for hundreds of enterprises worldwide.​

Now we’re on a mission to transform the way every digital service is built, run, and optimized. We’re taking the lessons we’ve learned over those ten years and combining them with new advancements in graph database technology to stitch together data from any cloud, from any tool, and at any scale.​

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We’re bright sparks who can see the possibilities in the impossible, who get excited about charting new territories together, and who love to do the right thing by everyone. You can rely on us to be transparent in our selling, generous in our giving, and always ready to make space for fun. We now have over 80 employees worldwide and we love coming together.

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