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How to build a dashboard for any AWS CloudWatch data

Looking to keep an eye on logs and metrics from AWS or CloudWatch? There are several reasons you might want to build a CloudWatch dashboard somewhere outside of the CloudWatch console: To visualize data from multiple AWS accounts in one placeTo visualize CloudWatch data alongside data locked away in another tool or databaseTo share CloudWatch…

Service Catalog

Is service catalog the modern CMDB?

It takes a village to build a large-scale digital service. Like a machine with a million moving parts, each is built and operated by dozens (sometimes hundreds) of individual teams, typically operating independently with their own strategy and tooling. “Infrastructure complexity is a problem of the past, application complexity is the problem of the future”…

SquaredUp - Reinvented 10 years

SquaredUp, re:Invented

SquaredUp turned ten years old this month, a sure sign of adolescence for a budding tech startup. As with any important milestone, it’s cause for both celebration and reflection: who we are, where we come from, where we’re going. And that’s what makes the timing of our tenth birthday so profound – it’s right at…

Reporting SLOs

3 reasons why reporting SLOs at scale is hard

Since Google SRE popularised the use of Service Level Objectives (SLOs), there has been a lot of talk about what they are, why they are used, and how they are implemented. Adopting SLOs can provide much-needed visibility of service performance, but the larger your organization, the more challenges you might run into.   What are the unique challenges faced by SREs in larger organizations when measuring SLOs, and how can…


Incident response: Is MTTI the metric that matters most?

Outages hurt. Ask Mark Zuckerberg. At the beginning of October billions of users were unable to access Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram for several hours. Ouch. Of course, complete outages like Facebook’s are uncommon (although as we were writing this blog, we heard that hundreds of Tesla owners were locked out of their cars due to an outage). Complete outages can…

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