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Get the big picture

We help modern enterprises build, run and optimize complex digital services by surfacing data to make better decisions, faster.

Think of us as mission control for your digital operations.

Centralize knowledge,
not data.

If you run complex systems, you have mountains of data. We believe the biggest challenge is using that data, not collecting it. You have questions – your data has answers.

Our approach is different. We leave your data right where it is – but we index it to know where to find it, organize it so it makes sense, and then surface it as insights, right when you need them. We call this connected analytics.

Unified dashboards

Keep everyone informed.

Real-time insights

Find answers fast.

Powerful analytics

Make better decisions.

Data without boundaries

Instantly connect to data across your whole organization, at any scale.


Any data, from anywhere.
We know where to look for answers.


Create shared understanding by connecting teams and tools.


Unified dashboards, analytics, and alerts deliver the right insights to the right person at the right time.

Unified SLO reporting
End-to-end service views
Dynamic service catalog
Powerful cost reporting
Compliance monitoring

The world’s greatest businesses trust us to deliver visibility

Our cloud-based observability portal may be new, but our reputation for delivering enterprise visibility is not.​

SquaredUp dashboards are beautiful and so easy to organize - to show both management and technical employees critical data at a glance.

Danny Parrott, Monitoring Lead​
Purdue University

Unified observability. Ready when you are.

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